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The Enterprise Innovation Imperative

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The fundamental challenge for organizations in established industries is :    

A. Can the company become a Tech giant – or is it too high a bar to clear ?

For example, in –

  • Energy – Can a big oil company re-invent itself away from its dependency on fossil fuels ?
  • Transportation – Can a big auto company re-invent itself away from a culture based on bending steel ?
  • Healthcare – Can Medical Practitioners develop a new mindset to benefit more with technology and new processes ?

B. Answer :  Some people and organizations will –  but many won’t.

…… as verified by the many examples – with numerous companies and products no longer with us !

Examples of Disruptive Innovation in Enterprises Being Very Difficult

Innovation Learnings – from Epic Product Failures

The Connection between Innovation Theater & Turnover in the Fortune 500

C. What does this mean for many companies in established industries ? 

There is an urgent need for new thinking, skills, competencies, and the courage to act to meaningful transform to a new business and deliver new value.  In other words, becoming a more entrepreneurial and Tech-centric organization who is great at collaborating (with internal and external resources)  to “ Innovate for Impact “.

–  OR  –   Become a footnote in history !

To learn more about making innovation more rewarding and better positioning you and your organization to be part of the future, see  or contact CAIL.

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