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Innovation for Impact

Innovation with CAIL is about :

CAIL – Executive Innovation Consulting – to fast track having the mindset, skills, and tools needed to meaningfully improve outcomes from innovation with :

1. New Competencies    
To – become a more entrepreneurial organization , have better look ahead,  determine where the $ are going to be, create and monetize value creation ,  elevate C-Suite and BOD digital capabilities , be more aware and open to new opportunities , leverage internal and external competencies for advantage , develop big Tech / VC / Portfolio thinking , evolve the business model , see beyond your business and industry , be more sophisticated in managing the changing nature of risk   

2.  Better ability to Support Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Engage with Startups        
To improve at – effecting change , being opportunistic , defining metrics , funding / co-investing , strategic decision making , mentoring , nurturing , finding a way , creating value ,  pivoting / killing / scaling projects , etc.
…. by leveraging CAIL experiences over many years in venture investing , business and technology disruption , navigating through unknowns and change , dealing with paradigm shifts , etc.  

3. Becoming a “ Learning Organization “
By being good at  –  asking questions , developing new concepts , adding intelligence to processes , seeing and connecting the dots , getting more value from current corporate assets , creating synergies with Partners , building ecosystems , growing digital capabilities , assessing opportunity and risk , etc.
…. by leveraging the CAIL extensive background in business, with technology, and innovation  

To assess collaborating to meaningfully improve outcomes from innovation –

A.   Do you expect to “ buy “ or “ build “ a solution “ ?

B.   What’s the potential to expand LOB capabilities and/or extend current services / products ?

C.   Are there M&A plans ?

D.   Is there a preference for creating new services / products “ Inhouse “  or  “ with a Partner “ ?

E.   Where do you see opportunity ? – within your organization, in your industry, in an adjacent industry, in a new market

F.   How would you assess your competencies to –

  • Create new digital services having high appeal and value ?
  • Identify a meaningful new opportunity ?
  • Assess risk of – an incremental innovation initiative ?   – doing / attempting disruptive innovation ? 
    –  not meaningfully innovating ?
  • Effectively collaborate with external parties ?
  • Monetize value creation ?
  • Getting market traction for a new service / product ?
  • Be agile in pivoting / killing / scaling new initiatives ?    

CAIL articles about “ Making  Innovation  More  Rewarding

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