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Enterprise Connectivity, Security & Modernization Solution ( integrated CAIL / Micro Focus Software ) to improve user productivity as well as system usability and manageability, while lowering costs and simplifying information services across the organization.

  • Provide a single icon on the screen to access all Host based applications – consistently across platforms (ie: for heterogeneous environments with NonStop, Mainframe, Midrange, UNIX/Linux, DEC, Windows, Unisys systems) with 6530, 3270, 5250, VT, UTS, etc. communications
  • Better integrate NonStop information services into enterprise IT infrastructure and part of a corporate standard for Host access + Increase opportunities for NonStop in the business
  • Leverage the investment in all current systems for new business initiatives with the ability to produce results quickly, easily and economically – at no risk
  • Encrypt all data-in-motion (sessions and file transfers)

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  • improve Information Services with NonStop as well as with all systems in the enterprise (Mainframe, Midrange, etc.)
  • of Customers modernizing information services with Client Centric Solutions, using API’s, etc.
  • explaining modernizing systems with Client Solutions
  • on having more secure systems with CAIL
  • the benefits with an Enterprise Client Solution (Reflection)
  • – a list of features / specifications for each module in CAIL Suite (latest release)

To enable organizations to get more benefits from NonStop systems, the following ”NonStop In The Enterprise” information includes:

White Paper – Standardizing Host Access