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The following information indicates how to obtain technical assistance from CAIL.

In addition, insights and examples are provided on “Automation” to streamline repetitive tasks, modernize information services, simplify systems for a better User experience and reduce IT support demands.

Service and Support

Whether you have a question about installing, using or upgrading CAIL products, our technical support staff will provide you with the assistance you need.

If you are on the CAIL Support Program check the Contact Us page for details on how to get hold of us, or use the Request Information page to send your query. You’ll get an answer within 24 business hours. If you aren’t on support you can still contact us, but a fee will apply for anything more then a simple question.


If you are on the CAIL Support Program you are entitled to free upgrades, and access to your own Cloud account to download the latest releases anytime you like. If you are unsure about how to access your Cloud account or have other questions please contact CAIL as indicated above.

For organizations not on support but want insights on newer CAIL software or to address a new requirement, please check our specifications for product details, and/or contact CAIL to discuss the considerations to move forward.

Product Status

CAIL / Plus
Current release: 15, Build 10
Change log
CAIL / Windows
Current release: 15.0b
Change log
CAIL / Java
Current release: 15.3
Change log
Current release:
Change log
CAIL / Android
Current release: 15.1
Change log
Current release: 1.5
Change log

Specifications and System Requirements

Click here for a PDF showing specifications, features and system requirements for all CAIL 6530 products.

Automation Examples

To help Users and IT Staff automate processes we have created several example programs to get you started. The samples come in a zip file and assume you have CAIL / Windows or CAIL / Plus already installed on the system you want to use.

The examples include:

  1. Instantiating and controlling the CAIL 6530 ActiveX control included with CAIL / Plus (VB.Net, C#.NET and VBA examples)
  2. Using HLLAPI (High Level Language Application Programming Interface) to control a CAIL / Plus or CAIL / Windows session (VB.Net, C#.NET, VBA and Java (using JNA) examples)
  3. Using the CAIL / Plus COM interface to a CAIL / Plus session (VB.NET example)

All samples include full Visual Studio (2010 and 2017) source code, and example routines showing how to use common API calls with each interface type.

Click here to download the samples.
For further information on modernization please visit here.

Easy End User Automation

CAIL / Windows and CAIL / Plus support recording and playback of sessions. This can be used to record something you do repeatedly, then played back when required. Please refer to the CAIL / Windows or CAIL / Plus Help system for details on using “File | Record Session” and “File | Playback Session”.

CAIL / Plus supports Keyboard Macros. This allows a user to record keystrokes to a local file and play them back at the same speed they were recorded, or faster. Please refer to the CAIL / Plus Help system for details on using “Macro | Run Macro: Key-sequence”, “Macro | Edit Macro: Key-sequence” and “Macro | Record Macro: Key-sequence”.

Automation Help

If you have a CAIL license and are on support, don’t hesitate to call or email for help with any type of automation at no cost. We can help with an example for your specific requirement, or help if you are running into any issues while automating something.

CAIL Support Guidelines

In the way of background, new CAIL Suite software is released periodically with product extensions to support evolving IT environments and business requirements.  For Customers on the CAIL Support Program they automatically receive the software updates as the new release becomes available.

When this occurs, no further changes are made to older releases of CAIL Suite.  While Customers can continue to use older CAIL software, if something is not working then you will be advised to upgrade to the current release and perform the operation again.  Since current CAIL software has added capabilities and supports newer IT infrastructure, this typically resolves any issue.  In the event an issue persists, then CAIL will investigate to determine cause and provide a resolution in the current software release.

From a technical support perspective, if it’s a case of setting up, reconfiguring, or using CAIL software – then technical assistance will be provided regardless of the release.  However, if there is an issue, then see the above paragraph.

In the way of insight, new CAIL software releases provide ongoing product refinements to further improve functionality, ease of us, flexibility and performance. Known bug fixes will also be included.

From a functional perspective, the objective is to further expand the options for Modernizing Information Services , provide a better experience for Users, as well as making it easier and quicker for Developers to make changes or deliver new digital services. This includes extending CAIL –

A.  Interfacing / API support for more options to integrate systems, get more value from data in the enterprise, and have seamless information services

B.  Mobile capabilities as well as enhancements at the desktop

C.  CAIL with Reflection (integrated Micro Focus / CAIL software) so NonStop is more integral in the enterprise and can be included in a Corporate Standardization strategy

+ other considerations for Improving Business Outcomes with NonStop …. in an on-line , real-time , all-the-time world

In conjunction with Customers on the CAIL Support Program, they can see the current release and change logs at – under “ Product Status ”.  With this, Customers can download current production software from their CAIL cloud account.

In closing, please advise if there are –

  1. questions on the above
  2. any other suggestions to further improve information services, increase IT value to the business, make innovation more rewarding, or for Getting More Benefits From NonStop.