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Venture Investing

CAIL invests in companies with technology that –

  • Is appealing to enterprises
  • Has a product that provides significant benefits
  • Can deliver value in multiple ways
  • Makes innovation more rewarding
  • Contributes to improving outcomes for Customers

In conjunction with this, CAIL supports entrepreneurs who –

  1. Have strong ” Look Ahead ” insights / skills
  2. Are highly competent at creating value
  3. Excel at – collaborating, identifying and leveraging competencies, communications, and getting things done
  4. Learn fast, are resourceful, and innovative
  5. Have integrity and are serious about success

To explore, looking forward to –

A.   Learning about your venture               ….

B.   Your comments / questions on CAIL   ….

CAIL supports entrepreneurship by investing funds and providing value added capabilities in technology ventures having a software solution / platform –

  1.  that targets enterprises  –  either as a Customer or as a Partner in the go-to-market strategy
  2.  where there is a very compelling value proposition
  3.  having extensive interfacing / API support to facilitate evolving the solution,  expanding opportunities, being integral in various ecosystems,  etc.
  4.  and the company wants multiple options to engage with Clients and generate revenue

In conjunction with this, the venture realizes advantages by leveraging CAIL –

  1.  Customers – many large organizations / Fortune 500 companies in Financial Services (Banks),  Retail,   Distribution,  etc.
  2.  knowledge of enterprise IT environments,  system interfacing,  information access,  APIs,  UX,  etc.
  3.  capabilities in Mobile and Business Innovation  –  to create new opportunities for Client and Venture products / services
  4.  extensive experiences with startups,  strategy,  etc.  –  to improve decision making,  scaling the business,  reducing risk,  monetizing value creation,  etc.

If these capabilities would assist your venture move forward, you’re welcome to send an ” Executive Overview ” to CAIL at

To learn more about what is needed to be a successful entrepreneur, let us know if there are any questions from the following information.