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Improving Business Outcomes with NonStop

Improving business outcomes is about increasing revenue and reducing risk.

NonStop enables organizations achieve these objectives by being the platform of choice –

A.  For  “ On-line , Real-Time , All-the-Time  “   information services

  • where expanding services and revenue streams, increasing sales, building brand value, and increasing the rewards from innovation are strategic
    …. requiring a platform with industry leading availability and scalability
    …. while supporting “ Corporate Standards “ and providing a low TCO
increase sales

B.  To mitigate business risk  –  with more secure systems

To get past issues associated with UNIX / Linux / Windows systems that are continually under threat because of their pervasiveness in the market, familiarity to many people, operating environments that can be exploited by technical personnel, and need for ongoing security upgrades / patches to address increasing security and compliance demands

With the Mainframe, Midrange, and NonStop systems not having the above attributes, these are attractive platforms for important enterprise applications.

The consideration here is for a platform to support new on-line services or increasingly critical current  enterprise applications. In recognizing the Mainframe and Midrange systems are utilized in many  organizations, the challenge is the extensive resources and processes as well as major costs to support these  platforms. With NonStop having a low TCO and typically being a self-contained platform with few people  familiar with the technical aspects of the system, this significantly reduces business risk and makes the  platform very appealing for secure on-line, real-time, all-the-time information services.

In the way of further insight, NonStop systems –

  • Are built on industry standard hardware
  • Can be integral in enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Have Operating System options (open or proprietary)
  • Support Virtualization (vNonStop)
  • Are proven to satisfy very demanding business needs

NonStop  –  to Increase Revenue and Reduce Risk

…. with a platform –

  1. Designed for “ On-line, Real-Time, All-the-Time “ information services to:
    • Improve business outcomes  –  top line and bottom line
    • Deliver a great User experience  –  with responsive, continuously available systems
    • Better position the business to address new needs and opportunities
  2. Having unique attributes to
    • Reduce business risk / mitigate security breaches
    • Simplify system manageability
    • Enable the organization be more agile, entrepreneurial and innovative
    • Minimize the time, effort and cost to evolve information services

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