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CAIL Security

CAIL Security

To quickly and easily have more trusted systems to comply with security regulations and better assure information privacy

  1. Encryption with –
    • 6530 Sessions (any client)
    • Host to Host secure telnet and FTP
    • Pathway, RSC, ODBC, EXPAND, etc.
  2. Secure File Transfers with – SFTP (SSH), FTPS (SSL), IXF, PCFILE
  3. Range of encryption options including SSL, SSH, PCPROXY, PCSST
  4. Authentication
  5. Support for file attributes on upload

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CAIL Suite

Superior connectivity to NonStop Systems with built-in security and modernization capabilities to make it easier to move systems forward, improve the User experience, and produce results.

  1. Includes 6530 communications with –
    • Browser / Windows access
    • Updated Windows version
    • Updated Plus version
    • Updated Java Versions for Windows / Linux / UNIX / Mac
  2. Extensive built-in encryption capabilities (with the CAIL Security Facility)
    • CAIL clients work with any secure server software(CAIL SSH and SSL, comForte SSH, NonStop SSH)
  3. Modernize by using APIS and embedding 6530 data in applications to –
    • simplify systems / reduce complexity
    • better integrate and aggregate information on the screen
    • improve user productivity
    • leverage familiarity with current systems
  4. Extended multi-session support with –
    • IndexView for multiple “live sessions”
    • MDI and SDI Windowing style
  5. Choice of Server Centric or Client Centric deployment.
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Additional Partnering Solutions

In addition to CAIL being integrated into Micro Focus Software for an Enterprise Solution, CAIL is included in NonStop Partner products from –

  1. Blackwood Systems
  2. Computer Security Products
  3. River Rock Software
  4. others

Additional Information for examples of modernizing systems for insights on “NonStop in the Enterprise”

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Reflection  /  Extra

Enterprise Connectivity, Security & Modernization Solution (Integrated CAIL / Micro Focus Software) to improve user productivity as well as system usability and manageability, while lowering costs and simplifying information services across the organization.

  1. Provide a single icon on the screen to access all Host based applications – consistently across platforms (ie: for heterogeneous environments with NonStop, Mainframe, Midrange, UNIX/Linux, DEC, Windows, Unisys systems) with 6530, 3270, 5250, VT, UTS, etc. communications
  2. Better integrate NonStop information services into enterprise IT infrastructure and part of a corporate standard for Host access + Increase opportunities for NonStop in the business
  3. Leverage the investment in all current systems for new business initiatives with the ability to produce results quickly, easily and economically – at no risk
  4. Encrypt all data-in-motion (sessions and file transfers)

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