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Modernizing Systems

The main reasons for selecting a Client Centric strategy to modernize systems are –

  1. The ability to produce results quickly with a focus on leveraging information and current IT infrastructure to address new business needs
  2. Better position IT to perform for the business – either with a NonStop  focus,  or with all platforms (in conjunction with an enterprise initiative that includes NonStop, Mainframe, Midrange, Linux/UNIX, etc. systems)
  3. Improve the User experience
  4. Reduce support demands
  5. Efficiency improvements in:
    • delivering new services
    • updating current services
    • implementing internal IT projects
    • enhancing system security
    • etc.
  6. Evolve information services more easily – with no risk
  7. Save money  (ie:  $5M over 18 months with a 10,500 seat license)
  8. Increase revenue by better utilizing information

Recognizing HPE Server Centric products to modernize systems, CAIL extends the options to move systems forward with Client Centric software as follows – 

A.   For NonStop

A large manufacturer instantiated the CAIL ActiveX Control inside the Browser.  Previously, for a User to access details on an order required they start a session, log in, navigate to the correct Pathway screen, enter the order number, and get the required information. Now there is no need to install software on each desktop since the CAIL Control is downloaded automatically the first time a User connects, and from then on is run from the cache (unless a new software version is sensed). Extending on this, a small modification to the existing Web based order entry application changed the order number into a link that starts the CAIL session, passes it the order number and takes the User to the order detail page (on the NonStop host). Now, once validated, Users are automatically logged in and maintain a connection with the business information.  Importantly, the Customer was able to develop, test and deploy the new system within 2 months.  In addition, User productivity improved since they got into the applications in seconds versus taking minutes previously. And as a bonus to an improved user experience, IT support requests decreased substantially.

A Midwest company is using CAIL after a previous attempt with another product failed. In this case Users have many sessions running with their NonStop applications. Significant improvements were made by integrating CAIL in their new development environment  (written in C#)  to provide a  ” single system view ”  for the Users.  In conjunction with this modernization initiative, the Customer is using Microsoft ClickOnce to streamline deployment of the application via the web or a network share where the applications run in a “sandbox” with limited system access (for greater security).  In addition, to empower Users, ClickOnce enables CAIL ActiveX Controls to be used without having them registered – so the User can install the application without requiring admin rights.

A municipal agency uses CAIL to increase responsiveness for emergencies by validating an address – before a vehicle is dispatched.  Previously, when callers provided incorrect address information, significant time and money would be wasted and safety was jeopardized. When updated with CAIL, after entering the address,  the Emergency Services Operator hits a special button on the toolbar that launches a small application to retrieve the address from the screen and sends the information to another application (on another Server) for validation –  which returns “Address OK” if valid, or, provides alternative addresses if unable to confirm the original one (similar to Google Maps if you type in a wrong address).  In this case, the operator collaborates with the caller to determine the correct address and the system inserts the information into the field on the screen automatically.

Many organizations use CAIL encryption capabilities for secure – sessions (with all Clients), file transfers, and Host-to-Host communications as well as authentication, etc.  And since extensive security capabilities are standard with CAIL Suite, Customers can have more trusted systems immediately and at no extra cost. In addition to SSH, SSL etc. encryption, integrated CAIL / Micro Focus Software (Reflection / EXTRA!) is utilized by a military organization to satisfy FIPS 140-2 security compliance with all Platforms – including NonStop.

A Bank is using CAIL on a Web Server to enable Users to access the backup NonStop system from any PC. This is achieved by the User going to a Website and click on an icon for whichever system they need to connect to, and have the session inside their Browser.

To extend on Reports, Alerts, etc. provided by various products, many organizations have embedded CAIL with internal system management and applications to better assure operational consistency and quality of outcomes. This includes making information services more seamless and intuitive for End Users and Technical personnel, reduce human intervention in processes, improve operational efficiencies, ensure adherence with business, systems, security, etc. procedures.

For additional examples and to download sample code, go to

Several HPE / CAIL Partners embed CAIL into their software to improve Host access and system security to enhance NonStop system manageability, have more trusted systems, and to support system modernization initiatives.  Importantly, Customers receive an integrated solution that is easy to use and is very comprehensive.  For example, CAIL has been integrated into MOMI and The View to expand capabilities for Customers.

An increasing number of organizations require mobile access to information on Host Systems. In this example, a Military organization wanted NonStop access from new mobile devices (ie: Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.).  As well there was a need to insert information from a barcode into a specific field on the screen – for quick, accurate data capture. This was achieved by utilizing CAIL / Java inside a scanner with a Script processing the information.

Extending on this, CAIL Mobile also operates natively on any Android 2.2 or above device with 6530 communications. Further, with the direction to support multi-platform environments, please contact CAIL to explore the options for enterprise mobile initiatives.

CAIL android app

B.   Enterprise Modernization  

In addition to the NonStop Modernization examples in the previous section, these capabilities can be extended across all platforms (ie: Mainframe, Midrange, UNIX/Linux, etc.) to better position NonStop in Enterprise IT infrastructure and be part of Converged Infrastructure initiative.

Over 20 organizations now benefit with a single icon on the screen for connectivity, security and modernization requirements with all systems – including NonStop.  This is achieved with integrated Micro Focus / CAIL software (either Reflection or EXTRA!) and being part of the corporate standard, to leverage all information across the organization to address new business needs – quickly, simplify systems, realize operational improvements, reduce support demands, improve system manageability, enhance the User experience, enable IT to better perform for the business – while mitigating risk, and save money.

To summarize, these Client Centric examples are intended to demonstrate there are many ways to modernize systems – without backend changes.  Further, there are significant advantageous to producing results quickly, being agile in business, and moving systems forward without risk and realizing a quick ROI.

In closing,  if there are any questions about these and other options to further improve information services, please visit  or contact CAIL at or  call  800-668-5769 X221  or  905-940-9000 X221.