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The Importance of Knowing ….

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A big part of success, achieving goals, having impact, etc. depends on “ knowing how to “ –

  1. Look at things
  2. Analyze the situation (to move forward)
  3. Execute on plan

As it turns out, being good at the above reflects intelligence in terms of improving or making something of a situation –

  1. Add 30 to your IQ if you know how to “ look at things “
  2. Add 30 to your IQ if you are “ good at analyzing “  what’s needed to move forward
  3. Add 40 to your IQ if you are “ good at execution “  (doing what’s needed to make it happen)

With the total being 100, if achieving goals is important  –

  • Being good at this dramatically improves the probability of you achieving success
    …since you are about 2 x more intelligent that most people (assuming a base IQ of ~ 100).
  • If you’re not doing this, then you are ½ as smart as you think you are !

Food for thought about the importance of “ knowing how to think “  ….

June 10, 2024    By CAIL        CAIL Innovation commentary      905-940-900

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