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The Need for a Sophisticated Framework to Innovate for Impact

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Recognizing “ Innovating for Impact “ is relative and can mean different things – success requires perspective and a certain mindset with people being on the same page, be highly curious, motivated and competent, as well as have shared values and objectives.

An example of this are the following comments by Bill Gates about Warren Buffett  –   

This approach is also very applicable for those interested in making innovation more rewarding.  To be better positioned for success,  is why having an “ Innovation Brain Trust “ with different and high caliber competencies is important with people being good at – 

  1. Exploring and trying
  2. Having strong look ahead
  3. Thinking strategically and long term
  4. Asking questions and listening
  5. Collaborating
  6. Being humble
  7. Following through on good advice
  8. Learning fast and adapting
  9. Leveraging knowledge, skills, and connections – your own and others
  10. Adding value and creating synergies
  11. Being responsible and results oriented
  12. Has the right Aptitude and Attitude
  13. Pivoting – sooner than later
  14. Being sophisticated in managing risk

And recognize –
Knowing how to look at things, adds 40 to your IQ.
Knowing what to do, adds another 40 to your IQ.
And by being good at both adds 80 to your IQ.      …. Or, almost doubling average intelligence ! 
From this, it’s easy to see that – “ knowing how to look at things “  and  “ executing on insight matter “ !

For more insights on having a framework or perspective to make innovation more rewarding, see other information at Innovation for Impact  and elsewhere.

May 3, 2024     CAIL Innovation commentary       905-940-9000




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