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Time spent using Apps on the rise

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On average, an iPhone user opens their device 80 times a day and Android users average 76 sessions a day.  That means during waking hours, mobile users open their phone about once every 13 minutes.  Further, the amount of time spent using Apps has risen 20.5% in the past 6 months, according to Opera Mediaworks. While Q1 2016 saw people spending an average of 30 minutes with the 100 top Apps, that rose to 33.5 minutes in Q2 and in Q3 stood at 36.9 minutes.

News and Information Apps were the most popular in terms of impressions in Q3, with a 28.5% market share, followed by games (27.7%) and social networking (14%).  Furthermore, people are becoming more loyal to specific Apps.

Interestingly, with Business App use being very low, there is obviously a huge opportunity for organizations to increase relevance and revenue by leveraging the ” convenience of Mobile ” with the ” power of Apps “.  And as enterprises get better at business innovation, this will directly impact their ability to upsell / cross-sell current Customers and be more appealing to attract new Customers with new Mobile Services.

Among the top 100 Apps, the average user opened the same App just over 4 times / day during Q3, up from approximately 3.6 times in Q1 and Q2.  This is the first significant leap in average session volume since the beginning of the year, and it shows that mobile users are becoming more dedicated to the Apps that they use regularly, opening them more frequently and consuming their content more often. More specifically, the increase in ‘ Mobile  App  Loyalty ‘ or stickiness correlates with usefulness or value of the information, ease of use, visual appeal, and trust with the App.  When this occurs, Consumers integrate the App into their daily lives and spend more time with it.

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