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The Learning Test – to develop the “ Innovation Mindset “

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A person is in the water  –  and it’s not clear if they are  “ swimming “ – or – “ sinking “ ? 

And they’re not asking questions or doing anything – to assess what’s happening !

While they may not know what’s happening, another person familiar with the situation does – they’re sinking.

The takeaway from this is when “ exploring “ or  “ innovating “  – you’re in the water occasionally ! 

Based on the above insight, asking questions, learning fast, making good decisions, and recognizing time is of the essence are essential  – to survive.

Extending on this, collaborating and leveraging the collective knowledge and experiences of talented and entrepreneurial people with various competencies is critically important to develop the “ Innovation Mindset “  – to thrive.

From this insight, given the need to “ Innovate for Impact “ to meaningfully improve outcomes, knowing how to look at things, and what to do to achieve objectives are critical for survival and long-term success. 

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November 16, 2021               CAIL Innovation commentary                    905-940-90000

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