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Questions to Develop the Innovation Mindset

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While many recognize the importance of innovation to improve outcomes, the ability for a person to meaningfully contribute requires a number of competencies that collectively form a “ Innovation Mindset “.

Some attributes of a person with an Innovation Mindset include –  

  1. very high awareness, skills, ambition, intelligence
  2. future oriented
  3. being very opportunistic and agile
  4. learns fast
  5. look ahead then look back thinking
  6. cognizant of getting past NIA (naivety, ignorance, arrogance)
  7. being confident and humble
  8. recognizes success is a combination of science and art
  9. timely and insightful decision making
  10. accountability for results  

With these being rare qualities in aggregate is why to “ Innovate for Impact “ is a team initiative !

To assess your role in the team to meaningfully contribute to innovation, ask yourself the following questions –

  1. Where do you see opportunity ?
  2. What will have increasing value going forward ?
  3. How do you re-imagine the business ?
  4. What role do you want in the new organization ?
  5. What are your suggestions to move forward ?
  6. What do you see as the challenges to change ?
  7. What are your suggestions to get past the challenges ?

If interested in discussing the above to make innovation more rewarding, please contact CAIL .

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