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Qualities To Make Innovation More Rewarding

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Ever wonder what qualities are needed to –

A.  Achieve important goals ?

B.  Meaningfully contribute to success ?

C.  Realize potential – mine, the group, the project, the company ?

For this to occur, it’s important realizing potential is hugely dependent on how good you and your colleagues are at developing the “Mindset” and your talents, with high calibre –

  1. Strategic Thinking
  2. Results oriented
  3. Bias for Action
  4. Strong Look Ahead   …. with ability to see opportunity as well as anticipate and successfully manage change
  5. Trying New Things, Learning New Concepts, etc.
  6. Good at listening
  7. Learns Fast   …. By asking good questions and processing lots of information
  8. Discipline   …. with a very strong work ethic
  9. Financial Gain – for the organization and personally
  10. Being Very Ambitious & Opportunistic
  11. Exploring / Being Very Curious
  12. Taking Calculated Risks   …. and having a High Risk Tolerance
  13. Adaptability
  14. Aptitude  – to create new value, can see things from different perspectives
  15. Attitude  – seriousness about success, making impact / difference
  16. Integrity
  17. Thinking Things Through
  18. Very Collaborative
  19. Leverages the capabilities of others
  20. Tenaciousness …. and get past doubts and challenges to see things through 
  21. Ability to Visualize “ The New “
  22. Accountable – to yourself, colleagues, Customers, etc.
  23. Having an “ Open Mind “  …. with the willingness to give “ the new “ a chance
  24. Having a High Competency – in our domain, and learning from others
  25. Being good at Continuous Learning
  26. Takes Responsibility
  27. Great Communicator
  28. Very knowledgeable
  29. Wanting to Understand
  30. Being Humble

With this being an extensive list and all these qualities rarely in one person is why Business Innovation (and anything else associated with meaningful change or creating new value) is about “ the Team ” with high calibre and complimentary capabilities. This is frequently referred to as “ Talent ”.  When the Team is loaded with Talent having the above competencies, the organization has lots of options to move forward !

This recognizes that while there are lots of variables to achieve success, people are by far the single biggest determinate to meaningfully improving outcomes.   Building on Talent is also important to have an innovation portfolio strategy, being very astute at reading signals, asking insightful questions, learning fast, and making timely changes to effect change and create significant new value.

If interested in sharing insights on this topic and other requirements to innovate for impact, please contact CAIL.

March 29, 2022          CAIL Innovation commentary                 

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