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How Human Nature Blocks Innovation

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Research provides valuable insights on why innovation and change challenge many people.

This is especially the case with major changes or Disruptive (H3 / P3) Innovation that involve new – concepts, markets, products, business models, technology, etc.

The reasons for this pertain to how we deal with Ambiguity , Power Dynamics , and Social Threat.

For insights on this, see –  and other articles at  Innovation for Impact

To get past the blockers to innovation it’s important to recognize how we’re wired and that many people don’t understand that the way we look at things and how the mind operates creates major challenges to innovate for impact.

However, this is not stopping people from believing “ they are changing “ and that “ we can do this “ !

While there frequently is a basis for this opinion, change is typically not to a degree needed to have the mindset, perspective, and expanded comfort zones required to meaningfully increase the rewards from innovation by –

A. having very strong look ahead skills and professional competencies
B.  anticipating and meeting rising and more demanding Customer expectations
C.  providing clearly superior new products and services
D.  making good on new opportunities or vision
E.  successfully entering a new market
F.  being accomplished at monetizing value creation
G.  evolving the business model
H.  being more sophisticated at managing risk
I.   creating a more entrepreneurial organization

With this and that innovation is very multi-dimensional, is why a “ Brain Trust “ is needed – if the goal is for innovation to significantly improve outcomes.

The more effective Brain Trusts include internal and external people having different and complimenting competencies who are accomplished in their field, want to make a difference, and are very success oriented.

If interested in discussing getting past the blockers to innovation or exploring the options to innovate for impact, please send a note to or call 800-668-5769 / 905-940-9000.

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