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Companies Changing the World

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Fortune Magazine each year assesses the companies addressing the biggest challenges. This includes solutions for major economic and social issues, the environment, healthcare, etc.

The list is segmented into Enterprises (> $1B revenue) and SMB (< $1B revenue) organizations with their contributions for the years indicated –

With SMB organizations presence up almost 3X and Enterprise contributions decreasing ~ 1/3 over the 7 year time period, the landscape is changing !

Why ?

Because Smaller / Medium size Businesses are better at “ Innovating for Impact “ with their –

  1. 1. More entrepreneurial / opportunistic culture
  2. 2. More flexible and agile approach to problem solving
  3. 3. Greater focus and ability to –
    1. – determine what will have meaningful appeal
    2. – be strategic in setting and achieving goals
    3. – select and motivate talent (internal and external)
    4. – change processes
    5. – deliver new digital services and value
  4. 4. Having benefitted more from advances in technology
    lllie: AI, ML, BI, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, using ” new platforms ” , etc.
  5. 5. Being better at integrating ” Solving Problems ” and ” Generating Revenue “
  6. 6. Fewer obstacles and more aggressive approach to effecting change
  7. 7. SMB Executives tend to –
    1. A. have a greater “ interest in exploring “ and a “ willingness to try “
    2. B. be more open minded about innovation
    3. C. engage more in identifying opportunities and effecting change
    4. D. receive greater rewards when improving outcomes from innovation

What does this mean to your organization ?

If interested in making Business Innovation more rewarding, please contact CAIL.

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