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Cashing in on IoT

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2018: CASHING IN ON IOT – Unlocking the Promised Value of the World Wide Web of Things (WWWoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the focus of considerable excitement and investment for several years now. But like the early days of computer networking, mass adoption for IoT has been slower than anticipated. Let’s not forget that the Internet did not spring to life instantaneously. While network protocols, like TCP/IP, established the pathways that allowed for slow growth, it was not until flexible content standards, like HTML, were developed that the World Wide Web exploded into our daily lives. The key to unlocking the value of the Internet came from designing and utilizing standards that enabled seamless and ubiquitous communication. Although the Internet of Things has been billed as the next big chapter in the unfolding story of the Internet, the plot is familiar. Like the World Wide Web, IoT represents countless points of data that need to communicate, share, inform, and act, in a seamless, secure, and structured way.

Cashing in on IoT

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