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7 Insights on Effecting Change to Make Innovation More Rewarding

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To effect change and meaningfully improve outcomes with new initiatives, technology, etc., it’s very important to –

  1. Start small – but have a big goal in mind    …. with a focus on the business need, not the technology or the process.  
  2. The main pain points to effect change are data and talent. The first is dirty, the second is scarce !
  3. At the end of the day, success is determined by people, culture, and shared interests.
  4. Recognize the “ changing nature of risk “  –  and what got us here probably won’t get us there !
  5. Know what metrics matter – and many things that can be measured don’t matter !
  6. Develop the mindset to “ Innovate for Impact “ – with a “ Brain Trust “ of very talented, competent, ambitious, diversified people.
  7. Know what is or will be important to Customers + how to deliver a great User Experience with high value, ease of use, and convenience.

Insights on effecting change from Business Innovation and with new technology (ie: AI, ML, XR, etc.) include –

“ This whole thing is about change. ”
— Sheila Jordan, chief digital technology officer, Honeywell

This wonderful technology is actually a means to an end, and the end is – What is the company’s strategy ? ”
— Katia Walsh, global chief strategy and A.I. officer, Levi Strauss

Think big; start small .”
— Seemantini Godbole, CIO, Lowe’s

“ It’s not primarily about the technology, it is about change, and how you are going to change the world.
— Andrew Moore, vice president cloud and industry solutions, Google Cloud AI

Everyone launches proof of concept initiatives, and either they don’t kill those projects, or you end up with way too many people working on these problems. If they don’t make the KPIs, we kill it.”
— Athina Kanioura, chief strategy and transformation officer, PepsiCo

Nov 10, 2021   –  Fortune / CAIL          Innovation commentary                     905-940-9000

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