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MR – The new way to test drive a car

BMW’s immersive and interactive experience in Mixed Reality expedites drivers becoming familiar with new vehicles

An important objective is to provide an educational environment with MR that enables people to quickly appreciate vehicle capabilities, performance, operation, comfort, and other characteristics – visually and by feel – seamlessly between the real world and virtually.

The results are impressive with a person able to experience driving a physical BMW M4 where “ you can put the pedal to the metal “ and “ drive around on an actual racetrack “ – while wearing a mixed reality headset. With this, the immersive experience that BMW created using VR enables drivers to see and feel the vehicle’s various features and interactions based on driver instruction and how the vehicle responds – in real-time.

Taken a step further, for those into car racing, the demo course features various obstacles that participants had to avoid and collect coins along the way with the need to accelerate in the 2nd and 3rd laps for time requirements, etc.

This is a good example of the more training is needed, the more beneficial XR technology is – to achieve results faster, provide a safer environment, reducing cost and risk when testing / exploring, etc.

To observe MR in action, see either of the following videos –

long version
short version

Aug 21, 2023    CAIL Innovation commentary      905-940-9000