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Top 10 global CRE trends in 2020

1.  The  Augmented  Workplace

Digital workplace implementation will unlock human potential, enhance experience and drive human performance

2.  Fast  Data

Activation, quality, and governance of fast data will be important as data production and consumption increases manifold in 2020

3.  The  Conscious  Workplace

An inclusive workplace attracts talent and can improve business performance

4.  Metrics  that  Matter

Rising expectations call for a radical rethink of performance measurement in corporate real estate

5.   Flex  2.0

CRE teams will find increasing opportunities to refine and futureproof flexible space strategy, creating workspaces that scale with growth

6.  Innovation  Geographies

Cities are pivoting to the innovation economy to gain competitive advantage and to be ‘future-fit’

7.  Towards  Net  Zero

Rethinking day to day operations will be imperative to the transition into a net zero carbon economy

8.  Ecosystem  Thinking

Enhanced collaboration with non-traditional partners and disparate sectors will invite positive industry disruption

9.  Vibrancy

Environments and cultures will evolve to resonate with employees by meaningful placemaking and state of the art amenities

10.  Adaptive  CRE

CRE’s operational model will continue to undergo transformation, shifting from solely being agile to being able to facilitate the adaptive future-ready enterprise

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Sept 1, 2020               JLL / CAIL  –  Smart Buildings commentary