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The Microshare / CAIL IoT Value Proposition

The fundamental objective with IoT initiatives from Microshare and CAIL is enabling organizations to deliver with new capabilities to increase revenue and reduce costs.

This is based on – 

  • Microshare technology and experiences in IoT, Mobile, System Integration, and Scaling New Services
  • CAIL Innovation capabilities, knowledge of Enterprise Environments, and experiences with many Customers

Microshare™ is an IoT Data Leveraging Platform providing solutions for information sharing, privacy, security, audit, confidentiality, data monetization and cost savings.

With the platform having extensive capabilities as well as flexible interfacing, interoperability, and API support – Customers have appealing options to leverage their considerable investment and familiarity in current systems and processes with IoT initiatives to improve business outcomes.

Some examples of how organizations are benefitting from Microshare IoT capabilities include –

  1.  Smart Asset Tracking – To know in real time the location of vehicles, goods, etc.
    …. with any associated information needed to assist in timely decision making, changing or updating assets, setting User expectations, etc.
  2.  Smart Services – To know in real time service utilization status, capacity remaining, patterns, etc.
    …. to ensure service availability, the need to make changes or re-allocate resources, deliver a great User experience, etc.
  3.  Smart Scheduling – based on need / demand – for more timely and efficient operations, while reducing costs and resource requirements
    …. versus the historical – fixed pick up / drop off / maintenance / etc. scheduling method
  4.  Smart Office Hoteling – for more flexible work environments and higher space utilization of real estate
  5.  Improving Insurance claims processing
  6.  Increasing the benefits of Cognitive Computing initiatives

With the ability to provide data in real time that can be actionable, organizations including Brandywine Realty, Comcast, British Gas, Heathrow Airport, CBRE, Microsoft, IBM and others are benefitting with Microshare IoT Solutions with –

  1.  Executives being better able to manage their business
  2.  Operations personnel being more effective and efficient in performing tasks
  3.  Customers having a better User experience and receiving more value
  4.  Partners and Customers being able to build out and evolve solutions on a timely and economical basis

From this, organizations are –

  • Expanding business opportunities
  • Evolving business capabilities with new services to increase revenue
  • Delivering more personalized services
  • Reducing costs
  • Realizing competitive advantage

Because these are significant benefits, looking forward to collaborating when there is an interest in improving business outcomes.

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