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Reducing the Risk of Infection with IoT

Predictive  Cleaning   

Enabling preemptive action against risks to patients, staff health and wellness

Since well before the current crisis, Microshare has deployed technology to measure occupancy, track mobile assets, and the density of people in specific areas of large healthcare and commercial facilities.

  • Occupancy Solutions and Feedback Monitors in washrooms and common areas reduce infection risk and put staff, patients and visitors at ease
  • Bed Occupancy Monitors in hospital wards mitigate bed infection rates and bed allocation delays. This has proven invaluable in tracking bed cleaning and getting patients settled quickly
  • Asset Tracking pinpoints key mobile equipment like wheelchairs or beds, improves patient care and frees nursing, maintenance and other staff to do the vital jobs they are paid to perform
  • Air Quality and Water Quality monitored 24/7 retard the spread of bacteria and reduce the risk of Legionella (Legionnaire’s Disease) outbreaks

Proactive moves will pay long-term dividends

Microshare views the current environment as one that requires action to safeguard the lives of patients, staff and the reputation of great institutions. Leveraging technology now will pay dividends for years to come as the data produced helps limit risks and liabilities in hospitals, clinics, office buildings and facilities of all kind, as well as reassuring occupants that no effort has been spared to ensure they are as healthy, safe, efficient and sustainable as possible.

With cutting edge, anonymized data solutions ready to deploy quickly and inexpensively, Microshare helps its clients meet all these goals quickly, securely and at scale. Contact Microshare Today.

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