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McCain Foods promotes Regenerative Farming in the Metaverse

…. with a virtual experience to educate younger audiences on sustainable agriculture.

With McCain Foods being a large manufacturer of frozen potato products, ‘ Farms of the Future ’ is the new #SaveOurSoil campaign and a partnership with a restaurant that serves McCain’s ‘ Regen Fries ’.

The campaign is part of McCain’s effort to adopt regenerative agricultural practices across its global potato-growing operation by the end of 2030. This is needed because the biochemical integrity of soil degrades over time through intensive farming practices.  However, with Regenerative Agriculture – which includes cover crops, crop rotation, etc. – the lifespan and quality of soil can be extended by reintroducing vital nutrients from various crops and animals.

A recent report from the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) claims that a staggering “ 90 % of the Earth’s precious topsoil is likely to be at risk by 2050 ”. To address this huge issue, “ We believe Regenerative Agriculture is vital to making the global food system more sustainable ” said Christine Kalvenes, Global Head of Innovation and Marketing at McCain.  With this initiative McCain is collaborating with farmers, consumers, and retailers to fast track the transition to more and better regenerative farming practices.

With the ‘ Farms of the Future ’ on Roblox, visitors are challenged to earn points as they grow virtual potatoes through a variety of regenerative agricultural practices.  ‘ Farms of the Future ’ is inside Livetopia, a virtual roleplaying game that’s attracted more than 2.6 bn player visits.

Nov 1, 2022      CAIL  Innovation  commentary      905-940-9000