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Extending Reality – by Creating a Sandwich Virtually and Eating it in Real Life

Jimmy John’s now provides fast casual dining with an interactive experience by inviting Customers to create unique sandwiches.  Guests in the game choose from a selection of meats and toppings, including cheese, condiments, veggies, and secret ingredients to customize their sandwich.  The Jimmy John’s “sandwich army”  then vote on the best fan sammie created virtually to be featured in their stores and made available for pickup and delivery to Customers during a specific time period from selected stores.  This is a good example of extending reality (XR) by seamlessly connecting the virtual and physical worlds to expand the menu, provide a new “ In Real World “ (IRL) experience, and to attract more Customers.

Another example of how organizations are being innovative in meshing the real and virtual worlds is Chipotle – which celebrated National Burrito Day with a  metaverse experience that put customers to work in its virtual kitchen.  

Recognizing XR is an opportunity to increase brand appeal, expand the options to engage with Customers and Partners, make innovation more rewarding, grow the business, etc. –  McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Panera, Next Level Burger, Bareburger, Yum Brands, Hooters, Panda Express, Bojangles, Wingstop, and Chick-fil-A  have all opened their own virtual restaurants, with a range of IRL promotions.

Aug 31, 2022          CAIL Innovation / XR commentary