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Examples of Innovating for Impact

  1. Nintendo Wii’s Motion Controls
    • What radical feature can we add? Nintendo introduced a major innovation with motion controls in the Wii gaming console, revolutionizing the gaming industry. This approach was creative and unexpected, setting Nintendo apart from its competitors Sony and Microsoft.
  1. Dyson Bagless Vacuum Cleaners
    • What can we remove? Dyson disrupted the vacuum cleaner market by creating bagless vacuum cleaners, a concept that challenged the traditional vacuum design and improved performance. This innovation made Dyson a leader in the industry.
  1. Warby Parker’s Online Try-Ons for Spectacles
    • Warby Parker, an eyewear company, implemented a virtual try-on feature on their website, allowing customers to try on glasses online. This differentiated them from traditional brick-and-mortar opticians.
  1. Tesla Over-the-Air Software Updates
    • Tesla’s innovation was to remotely update and enhance the features of their electric vehicles through online software updates. It is a creative way to continually improve their product and customer experience, setting them apart in the automotive industry.
  1. Airbnb “ Experiences ” Feature
    • Airbnb expanded beyond accommodation by offering “Experiences” where users can book unique activities hosted by locals. This clever move diversified their platform and added a new dimension to the travel industry.
  1. Red Bull Content Marketing and Extreme Sports Sponsorships
    • Red Bull differentiated itself by producing extreme sports content and sponsoring events, associating the brand with adrenaline and adventure, setting itself apart in the crowded energy drink market.
  1. Zappos Exceptional Customer Service
    • Zappos built its brand by providing exceptional customer service, including free returns and a 365-day return policy, setting a new standard for online shoe retailing and differentiating itself from competitors.
  1. Google “ 20 % Time ” for Employee Projects
    • Google allowed employees to dedicate 20 % of their work time to pursue personal projects, which led to innovative products like Gmail and Google News, demonstrating a creative approach to fostering internal innovation.
  1. LEGO User-Generated Content Platform
    • LEGO Ideas is an online platform where users can submit their own LEGO set designs. If a design receives enough votes, LEGO may produce and sell it, engaging the community and fostering creativity.

Oct 20, 2023     CAIL Innovation commentary           905-940-9000