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Innovation Readiness Assessment

Extending on ” ASSESSING ENTERPRISE FUTURE READINESS ” , to innovate for impact and meaningfully improve business outcomes, the Innovation Readiness Assessment focus is on –

  1. Leadership Support — to assesses strategic alignment, resource allocation, and the business portfolio
  2. Organization Design — is about team empowerment, access to resources, and the incentive system for innovation
  3. Innovation Practice — measures the tools, processes and skills training to support innovation – to successfully innovate on a consistent basis (versus adhoc or running one-off innovation projects)

Note – Utilizing both forms of ” Readiness Assessments ” is important for having the appropriate mindset throughout the organization to nurture innovation as well as provide the right internal structures, environment, and incentives

…. to achieve the desired results as well as for evolving the business, the business model and understanding of risk.

For further insights or having a workshop on your ” INNOVATION READINESS ASSESSEMENT ” or  ” ASSESSING ENTERPRISE FUTURE READINESS ” ,  please contact CAIL at  or call 800-668-5769 / 905-940-9000

Feb 18, 2019  –  Strategyzer / CAIL  Innovation Commentary