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Innovation Assessment Tools

Many companies struggle to innovate with new products and services to address rising User expectations, make good on opportunity, etc.

To be better positioned to Innovate for Impact by doing an Innovation Assessment of your organization, the following tools are available –

A.  CAIL Innovation Assessment – Using financial metrics to determine organization future readiness.

B.  Trend Hunter Innovation Assessment

C.  Strategyzer

D.  Agile Innovation

E.  Innovation Styles – This assessment helps organizations understand the ways in which they need to innovate and the best approaches based on their behavior and company culture.  here

F.  Innovation Cloud

G.  Innovation You –  Provides custom assessments for individuals and groups. The process will gain you some insights into how you work with others as well as an individual.  here

H.  CIMS –  Provides multiple innovation assessments : 1. analyzing what is going wrong with your innovation management processes.  2. To teach you how to encourage a culture of innovation.  here

I. HBR –  From the Harvard Business Review to help you determine if your company is actually capable and ready to innovate.  here

J. Basadur Profile – To assess individual preferences for key aspects of the innovation process and forming teams with various profiles.  here

Sept 27, 2021                                CAIL Innovation commentary