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How CAIL contributes to Innovating for Impact

Recognizing every enterprise is doing some form of innovation, the consideration at this time is to expand competencies to be good at disruptive innovation. This is essential to meaningfully improve business outcomes – much like having a slugger in the lineup to help win ball games.

To expand comfort zones in the enterprise and grow the appetite for “ the new “, it’s important for people to be on the same page about objectives and process, with different and complimenting capabilities, and having the mindset “ we’re going to innovate for impact “.

To be successful at disruptive innovation, many things need to work out. With this, there is a need to recognize other talent and skills, with the ability to distinguish between –

Attribute A – “ simple – simple “ – versus – “ sophisticated – simple “

Attribute B – “ awareness or exposure “ – versus – “ been there, learned from that “


Where outcomes are highly dependent on people creating the future having –

– superior competencies to address the needs of the business going forward
– a vested interest / financial stake, strong communications skills, etc.
– the ability to think strategically and operationally
– advanced insights and skills in assessing situations, people, the future, etc.
– strong resolve, resourcefulness, ingenuity and tenacity to get past issues
– the ability to contribute to improving decision making and creating significant wealth


With this goes the need for the mindset to “ Innovate for Impact “. This typically means doing disruptive innovation that requires –

1.  Thinking like a – Venture Capitalist

2.  The smarts and fortitude of a Talented and Ambitious Entrepreneur

3.  Being very knowledgeable about business and technology / digital

4.  Having a strong understanding of UX and delivering high value

5.  Being opportunistic, agile / adaptive, learning fast, being goal oriented, etc.

6.  Having good metrics to assess progress and achieving objectives

7.  People being well recognized for their contributions to business success


To clarify the importance of understanding the differences of Attributes A and B as well as having the mindset of 1 to 7 , who is best suited to be on the innovation team, someone who –

A.   Worked through the issues and meaningfully gained / lost depending on the outcomes        of an “ enterprise project “ or “ start-up “ — or — “ Hasn’t …. “

B.   Knows the difference between “ raising kids “ — versus — “ visiting nieces / nephews “

C.   “ Is accomplished at something “ — or — “ Is a recreational player “

D.   “ Is interested in aligning interests “ — or – “ Isn’t …. “

E.   “ Recognizes the need for accountability “ — or – “ Doesn’t …. “


Being successful at “ Disruptive Innovation “ is critical for long term business success and to create significant wealth. For more insights on increasing the rewards from innovation, see the various articles and the Innovation Blog at .

With CAIL having numerous experiences in effecting change and creating value, the information at provides additional information on how including CAIL in enterprise innovation initiatives enables organizations to benefit from the numerous lessons learned – and a very expensive education !

To explore further increasing the rewards from innovation by being better at disruptive innovation, you are welcome to contact CAIL.