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Disruptive Innovation in the making @ Philip Morris

…. with a vision for a smoke-free future (without cigarettes)

Why is Philip Morris International (PMI), one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world, committed to delivering a future without cigarettes ?

According to the company – Because it’s the right thing to do for our consumers, our shareholders, the planet, and society at large.

With this, in addition to creating new products that are healthier to expand company opportunities, smokers who don’t quit cigarettes should have access to smoke-free alternatives that have been scientifically substantiated to be better than continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes.

The World Health Organization estimates there are approximately 1.1 billion smokers in the world today.

With that number estimated to be roughly the same in 2025, the need is to expand the options for consumers to be able to select products having less health risk.

While the best choice is to quit tobacco and nicotine altogether, the reality is many people don’t  –  since more than 9 in 10 smokers continuing to smoke cigarettes year after year !

An example of additional options that should be available to smokers are smoke-free products such as heated tobacco and e-cigarettes.

To facilitate this occurring, PMI is investing more than $8 billion (as of March 2021) on researching and developing smoke-free products that – while not risk-free – are a much better choice for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke the traditional tobacco cigarette.  With this initiative, the company is transforming the thinking, focus, culture and the business.

In recognizing a lot is needed to achieve this new vision to disrupt the business and the industry as well as change consumer behavior, PMI is working closely with scientists, governments and public health organizations to make the vision a reality.

Extending on this, who will be the leaders in other industries – with the same courage and vision to innovate for impact to be the “ Disruptor “ in –

A.  Big Oil – to redefine the energy industry ?

B.  The Medical Community – to redefine healthcare ?

C.  Transportation – to redefine travel ?

D.  Schools – to redefine education ?

E.  Banking – to redefine financial services

F.   etc.

August 31, 2021       –       CAIL  Innovation  commentary             905-940-9000