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Venture Funding Application Terms

The first step to being considered for investment is submission of the application. To apply send attached application to or visit and click on “apply” to present.  The next step is passing through the screening process.  If selected, companies will meet with investors.  Presentations are typically ½ hr to 1 hr plus Q & A.

Angel Screening Process

1 : Online applications are assessed for completeness and investment readiness.
2 : The application is sent to the Angel Selection Committee for detailed review.
3 : Companies are advised if there is an interest in having a meeting.

About Angels

Angels are accredited private investors that provide early-stage capital in the range of $100K to $2M.  While early stage investors collaborate on due diligence, they make individual investment decisions.  CAIL is part of a network of Angels and early stage investors interested in supporting entrepreneurship.  With funding and Founder access to expertise, the goal is to move the business forward by improving the probability of venture success.


Note 1 : There is no charge to submit an Application or Executive Summary.

Note 2 : At CAIL’s option, companies selected for a meeting or Presentation pay a fee of $500. for the opportunity to discuss an investment in the business.

Note 3 : At CAIL’s option, company agrees to pay a 9% Angel Administrative Fee on the funding amount committed or raised, plus any associated professional fees.  CAIL to confirm amount.

Note 4 : Company agrees to pay a 2% Angel Administrative Fee on subsequent investments that resulted from an Angel Introduction.



CAIL is an investor and facilitates with other investors to fund and/or provide expertise to early stage companies.  CAIL is not affiliated with the presenting companies and is not obligated to endorse, invest in, assist with investment in or recommend any of the companies (or the securities of such companies) that may seek funding through Angels.  A presentation of a company to Angels does not guarantee the company funding.  Any offers to, or investments made, by an early stage investor will be to or in their individual capacity and not on behalf of CAIL.  Consequently, each party conduct their own due diligence in connection with any investment in companies, including but not limited to legal, tax and investment advice.  Further, while early stage investors collaborate in the due diligence process, they make individual investment decisions.

Due to the nature of venture investing, it is not practical to execute non-disclosure agreements with early stage investors for general information.  Thus, the entrepreneur is advised to submit documents and presentations that only contain information which can be viewed without a non-disclosure agreement.

Further Entrepreneur / Presenting Company and CAIL / other early stage investors agree to respect the sensitive nature of any information exchanged.  Notwithstanding the above, the parties agree to hold each other harmless regardless of whether or not an investment or transaction has occurred.