CAIL / Plus Change Log

Aug 08, 2023 R15 Build 10

-Re-arranged encryption lists to old defaults as new ones are a problem at some sites. This is not a CAIL issue as other 6530 emulators exhibit the same issue at these sites

-Fixed some small issues with the Security category in Setup related to fields being inactive/active at the wrong time

-Some settings were not being preserved when changing between categories in Setup

-When using many sessions, all set to Auto Connect on Startup, SSH prompt dialogs piled on top of each other and didn't get focus correctly. Have reverted to waiting for a session to connect (or fail to connect) before starting another connection

-Buffered Carriage Return Cut Off removed from setup since Return no longer repeats in CAIL / Plus

-With FTP session type, if Proxy Address and/or Proxy Port fields were blank you could no exit setup, even if Proxy was set to None

-Removed "Toolbar Wrap" from Display settings as it caused some issues under certain circumstances, and with current wide displays isn't needed

-Fixed issue where you could not change a Formatting (space or new row) toolbar button in Toolbar Settings

-Removed "Small Text" choice from Toolbar settings. Now always uses same text size for buttons

-Removed "Status Line Tip" item from toolbar options as it no longer shows up on the status line. Only Tooltips supported now

-Status bar state was not being read correctly on startup and always appeared. Status bar state is now read from and written to the workspace file correctly

-Not trapping Print Screen key while a dialog is open, causing unintended emulation screen prints

-After a "File | Save Session As", if set to display the configuration filename for the Title, the old Title still showed

-Old style toolbar buttons are now square. This solves some flashing toolbar issues

-Reworked toolbar code to avoid any kind of flashing when switching between sessions or sizing the window

-Reworked startup code to only show the window after the session(s) have started. This improved startup time since the windows are drawn in the background

-Removed "Restore window position after exiting Indexed View" from Indexed View Options, as it never worked as designed. Windows are now cascaded when exiting Indexed View

-On shutdown CAIL / Plus would cause other windows list controls to flash in some cases. This has been fixed. Note this was only seen when running many sessions in one instance

-Cleaned up shutdown logic. Now shuts down about 50% faster. More noticeable if there are many sessions open in a single instance

-Enhanced "Auto Logging" (Found under the "File" menu item) to allow selection of the folder for the log file instead of always writing to the configuration folder. Network drives can now be selected via a standard Windows 'File | Open' dialog

-Enhanced "Record Session" (Found under the "File" menu item) to simplify usage and allow for selecting a network drive through a standard Windows 'File | Open' dialog

-Enhanced "Playback Session" (Found under the "File" menu item) to simplify usage and allow for selecting a network drive through a standard Windows 'File | Open' dialog

-Testing new dialogs above showed an issue. If playing back a session with pauses, the pause dialogs sometimes appeared under the main window

-Running a keyboard macro was not working correctly - there was a long delay before the playback started. Reworked code for better operation

-Fixed issue where Keyboard Macros were not playing back the last keystroke

-Reworked sending of service name to prevent delay before send in background sessions

-Enhanced Auto Connect so that the active session on startup gets connected first. Only useful if running in MDI with several Auto Connect sessions

-More enhancements for Auto Connect. If a Connect Script is defined it will now run after the connect completes for that session. Previously scripts didn't run until all sessions were connected. Only useful if running in MDI with several Auto Connect sessions

-'File | Save Session As' was allowing saving to an existing open session file, causing a failure to start next time due to multiple sessions with the same filename. No longer allow saving to an open session filename

-Now verify that there are no duplicate session filenames in the workspace file on startup. If one is found it is ignored

-CAIL / Plus would not shut down after certain dialogs were displayed. This also caused session to redraw incorrectly

-When closing CAIL / Plus while a session was connecting, with Clear Text (Telnet) and SSL sessions it would not close or give the warning that a connection was in progress. Now always close if Telnet or SSL session connecting, but still warn with SSH sessions connecting

-Command History (found under the "Edit" menu item) now starts as soon as you click the "OK" button, instead of having to close and re-open the session

-Added support for Auto Copy, enabled under the "Edit" menu item, and is saved per session. Auto Copy means as soon as you select or extend an existing selection, it is copied to the clipboard. There is no need to do an Edit | Copy or Control-C

-Added support for right mouse button click paste, enabled under the "Edit" menu item, and is saved per session. If this setting is set, the right mouse button floating and context menus no longer appear

-Added support for starting a new FTP instance using the setting from the 6530 session, except username and password. Named "FTP Session" and found under the "Transfer" menu item. Only works with SSH secured 6530 sessions

-Fixed issue where sessions set to auto connect would not auto connect if the session that has focus on startup was FTP. Only occurs in MDI mode

-Fixed issue where auto connect session didn't auto connect if loaded (File | Open Session...) into an existing instance. Only occurs in MDI mode

-The Service Name field in the TCP/IP Connection category of setup was not allowing any changes

-Fixed issue where keys programmed with an "S-Key" didn't work

Oct 13, 2022 R15 Build 1

-Now read old keyboard mapping file on startup and incorporate any mapped keys into the main configuration file and save it, then delete the old key mapping file. So all configuration information for a session is now in a single file

-Now allow three tries at the password when an Inactivity Timeout (Found in System Settings) occurs. Previously it would only allow one try

-Moving the mouse in a session that is scrolling no longer slows down the scrolling

-Now include an install and configure PDF along with the installer

-Changes made to the Printer Name, Orientation, and Paper Size while in File | Print Setup will now be saved to the configuration file when exiting the dialog with the OK button

-With VT session types, now send the SSH terminal type (vt100, vt220, vt320, vt420, or vt525 depending on your settings) during SSH session negotiation

-To address known vulnerabilities, switched to OpenSSL 1.1.1q for SSL connections

-For SSH Private Key Authentication, no longer prompt for a passphrase for the SSH private key, if the key has no passphrase

-For SSH Private Key Authentication, now put up an error message and abort connection attempt if the private key file can't be found

-Now load workspace files directly instead of copying them to standard.ctts. However, standard.ctts will still be used if nothing is specified on the command line

-When opening a session (.ctt) file on the command line (or double clicking on a .ctt file), the workspace settings in the .ctt file will be used directly and not first copied to standard.ctts. So once a session has been opened directly, then saved, it will contain both workspace and session settings

-Speeded up startup times by ~35%

-If a password is entered in setup it will now automatically be saved when the session is saved. The password is AES128 encrypted and Base64 encoded in the configuration file

-Replaced Save Password with Don't Prompt for Password in SSH session settings. This is due to may organizations now using no password SSH connections, then forcing a login onto NonStop after the connection completes

-The left side of the status bar now shows MDI: for instances started with a workspace (.ctts) file, and SDI: for instances started with a session (.ctt) file

-Simplified the Logging and Screen/Memory Capture dialogs. Now uses the standard Windows File | Open dialog so a network location can be selected

-Added 1/2 inch margins to all prints including Screen/Memory Capture. If you would like this configurable let us know

-Auto connect sessions no longer steal focus while connecting if there is no Connect Script specified in setup. However, if you have a connect script it will steal focus as scripts only work on the focused window

-Startup script has been changed to Connect Script and now runs every time the session connects, reconnects or is hard reset

-The Service Name is now sent out every time the session connects, not just with Auto Connect or if the Connect button is pressed

-Moved aes256-gcm and aes128-gcm to the front of the line for SSH sessions encryption choices. Therefore gcm will be used if the host supports it. Note gcm is much more efficient then aes-ctr and stronger then aes-cbc

-Added support for ordering the list of encryption types in the SSH section of setup for all session (SFTP, 6530 and VT) types.

-File | Print has been enhanced to print correctly at all paper, orientation and emulation screen sizes, using as much of the paper as possible without truncating lines

-Session and Workspace files can now be placed anywhere, including a folder under the “Sessions” folder in the CAIL configuration folder. In other words, from now on all sessions referenced in a configuration file (.ctt or .ctts) will have a full path

-If multiple 6530 sessions that Auto Start and have a Connect Script were loaded on startup and CAIL / Plus lost focus shortly after starting, it would become unresponsive and would have to be killed. Scripts will now be suspended when focus is lost, and continue when focus is returned

-For FTP sessions you now have the option of CAIL / Plus automatically calculating the extents for a file transfer from PC to host. This only applies to files transferred to the Guardian namespace

-In the event Microsoft drops support for DDE, added a pipe based replacement for our HLLAPI support. The HLLAPI implementation remains the same, but use “thllw6p.dll” in place of “thllw6.dll”

-Recorded sessions now record pastes and mouse clicks

-Status line system area colors could change when a user changed black color value - system area (last 15 characters of the status line) colors will now remain black at all times

-With SSH connections, a crash occurred if the host sent a large SSH Banner

-Setting the HLLAPI BASEABS option was having no effect

-Playing back Key-Sequences not working on later versions of Windows 10

-Wrong context sensitive help was coming up when in some setup dialogs

-Fixed the display of key mapping (Help | Keymap...) as some mapped keys did not show up correctly

-When starting in SDI mode, at times the session window wasn't maximized in the frame, and there was no way to do so. SDI windows now always maximize to the frame size on startup

-The Inactivity Timeout (found in System Settings) caused sessions disconnected due to an incorrect password to not reconnect unless the session was closed and reopened

-No longer supply so many example configuration files which clutter up the Sessions configuration folder but are rarely used

-The command history display window now has a CAIL icon

-The built-in FTP client in 6530 sessions no longer shortens names when transferring to OSS

-When tiling sessions horizontal or vertical, sometimes the windows were not redrawn correctly

-With multiple sessions open maximized to the frame, when a session was closed the session that took its place sometimes didn't redraw correctly

-When running multiple VT and/or 6530 sessions in one instance of CAIL / Plus, even if each session had a different HLLAPI ID, HLLAPI would stop working

-If a log file became bigger then 2GB it would self delete when stopping logging

-Fixed MRU listing in the file menu. Now shows correct case (not all lower case) and add/removes entries correctly

-FTP sessions - The list of recently entered paths (shown when the Set Path button is used) now works correctly. It will now save up to 99 unique paths

-If a session was disconnected remotely or by a network error it's slot (one of 32) wasn't cleared. After 32 of these disconnects no more sessions could be started

-If indexed View was engaged and set for a Static Order the toolbar was not being removed from the small windows when switching sessions

-Starting an HLLAPI session retained last n characters in buffer from previous session – now clear at start of each HLLAPI session

-Session playback displayed incorrect keystrokes at pause for Shift-Alt F1 thru Shift-Alt F6

-If Control-C was pressed before a connection it caused a hang

-Changing to smaller window size while in OSS and in the vi program caused incorrect screens. We now inhibit screen changes from setup while in OSS mode

-Setting of the Enter key to a function key by the host was not being processed correctly

-When in OSS mode Hotspot/Word selection was not working

-Disconnect while in OSS mode did not change to Guardian mode when doing automatic reconnects

-Mouse click to position cursor incorrect when window size less than screen size in block mode

-The Inactivity Timeout setting in the SSH section of the Security tab was using seconds instead of minutes, i.e. if you set it to 60 it would disconnect after one minute of inactivity instead of one hour

Mar 29, 2021 R14 Build 15

-Removed old phonebook/phoning (modem) code as it is no longer used

-Made changes to better show info in the Help | Session Security Information dialog

-Fixed numeric pad non-numeric keys sending that key twice

-Some numeric fields in setup were accepting alpha characters - this has been fixed

-Fixed auto reconnect not working under certain circumstances

-No longer saving old pre-V12 configuration files

-Added support for proxies (SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP) to FTP session types

-Reaching EOF when sending a file via SFTP in an FTP session showed the transfer completed okay. This has been fixed

-SSL/TLS sessions now based on OpenSSL 1.1.1g with support for TLS 1.3

-Selecting text while having a white background caused the selection not to show up. This has been fixed

-Status line system area colors changed when user changed black color RGB values - system area colors will now remain black at all times

-Large logon banner text caused a crash. Increased buffer size to fix

-No longer force line mode while in a 6530 session if we detect the server is not NonStop

-Added support for pipes to the HLLAPI interface. This is due to concerns that DDE may be EOLed at some point

-HLLAPI file transfers via ftp failed. This has been fixed

-Updated PCRE to 8.44 due to false positives with the older version and some anti-virus software

-HLLAPI BASEABS not working. This has been fixed

-HLLAPI Copy Field to String did not back up to first location of field

-HLLAPI performance improvements via the pipe implementation using overlapped I/O and completion routines

-Passing EOF when sending a file via NonStop SFTP in an FTP session didn't cause an error and appeared to complete correctly. This has been fixed

-Previous item was fixed but now puts up a blank error message. This has been fixed

-The new Proxy section of FTP session type setup screen was allowing empty Host and Port fields. This has been fixed

Feb 20, 2020 R14 Build 12

-Fixed closing a session after performing some large session playbacks caused crash on 64 bit version

-Added error message box for failed DDE transactions

-Clear DDE handle variable on session close

-Allow spaces in program path when launching or communicationg with PC applications

-Updated script compiler to allow spaces in program path or program data variables

-Changed paste idle timeout from 300 msec to 50 msec

-Launching PCFILE or IXF via esc-V failed

-Allow PCFILE to be launched via esc-V with name PCFILE or PCFILE.exe (old legacy name tpcfilw.exe can also be used)

-Fixed cursor moved to the right by one character at end of HLLAPI script that used field update function

-Fixed incorrect error message reported on DdeDisconnect (return code of true indicates no error)

-Now log return code value for HLLAPI requests in HLLAPI log file

-Add DDE uninitialize code to thread detach (needed by Java / JNA)

-Enhanced check for valid mode change sequences. Was going into block mode when receiving a mal-formed sequence

-Added HLLAPI file name and version to HLLAPI logging

-Now always set the PCPROXY / PCSST settings so they can be used under SSL or SSH secured sessions

-Now allow clear text operation with PCSST when using it to correct display of tandem utility programs when there are greater than 80 columns

Dec 11, 2019 R14 Build 11

-Made changes to better support fast paste. Note this is for Conversational and Local modes only

-Fixed HLLAPI read for small size resulted in heap corruption due to writes going beyond end of allocated buffer

-Fixed HLLAPI return code for copy presentation space to string returned length of string rather than error code

-If in-line command history was on record/playback of key sequences didn't work correctly. This has been fixed

-Session recordings made while in-line command history was on didn't play back correctly. This has been fixed

-Fixed fast paste operation not ending in cr left paste update text appearing on line 25

-Added paste status messages for pasting in local mode

-Fixed on-line playback of sessions with Pause set was very slow

-Playback of a script caused the screen to home at start of the script. This has been fixed

-Fixed issue where CAIL demo became unresponsive after receiving the License will expire on xxxxxx message box on startup. Now displays in the status bar instead

-Playing back a recorded key sequence was slow when acceleration was set to 100%, and also slower then older releases at any acceleration speed. This has been fixed

Oct 24, 2019 R14 Build 10

-The issue with the SSH DLL (mentioned in Build 08 below) has been fixed in version No changes to other CAIL code

Oct 18, 2019 R14 Build 09

-Fixed record/playback key-sequence. Was recording (and playing back) extra keystrokes

Oct 09, 2019 R14 B08

-Reverted to SSH DLL version due to failed connections with version

-Fixed problem where changing the file type to display in the Logging dialog didn't work correctly

-Crash was occuring when an FTP session was closed while 2 or more 6530 sessions were also open - this has been fixed

Sep 13, 2019 R14 B07

-Changed OHIO PutString and objfield.String=string to not move the cursor, as per our interpretation of the spec

Sep 12, 2019 R14 B06

-Fixed several issues (PutString and SendString) in the OHIO interface. PutString overwrote field markers, and SendString placed the characters but didn't display them

Sep 04, 2019 R14 B05

-Fixed issue where the ActiveX control would no longer instantiate in Microsoft Office VBA

-Includes ActiveX fix for bad Password authentication password change (bad new password now causes a disconnect instead of falling back to Keyboard-Interactive)

-Fixed issue where recent file list wasn't updating correctly

Jul 24, 2019 R14 B04

-Removed CAIL/Plus from title bar to allow more room for session title when minimized

Jul 02, 2019 R14 B03

-Fixed issue where the backslash was converted to a slash when uploading a file. Releated to PutSmartPut

Jun 21, 2019 R14 B02

-Fixed crash when pasting into Set Path dialog in an FTP session

May 30, 2019 R14 B01

-Version change only for upgrades

May 01, 2019 R12 B29

-Added support for changing the password with Password authentication in SSH and SFTP sessions

-Added a Cancel button to all SFTP challenge dialogs

-Added User Name @ Host Name to the title bar of any SFTP challenge dialogs

-Fixed bug where SFTP challenges were being truncated

-Added command line switch (supresswarnings) to suprress message boxes about missing default printer or the inability to write to the config file

-If logging and the host sent long lines without CR / LF, the 6530 ActiveX control crashed. This has been fixed.

-With SFTP sessions, the known_hosts file was not being updated correctly if the server got a new key (i.e. fingerprint) that differed from the previous key, and the user asked to save the new key

-If the Command History dialog was brought up while the Find dialog was up, dismissing both left nothing with focus. Focus is now transferred to the session screen

-If a toolbar had more then 34 buttons, buttons 35 and 36 would send the button 36 definition. This has been fixed

-Representation of the toolbar in setup was missing some defined buttons (second buttons on each row). This has been fixed

-Under some circumstances the whole toolbar would redraw when one of the toolbar buttons was pressed. This has been fixed

-Started using Visual Studio 2013 (from VS2010). No special changes required

Jan 04, 2019 R12 B28

-Command History was being re-loaded every time the settings dialog was dismissed with the OK button. Now only loads on startup of the session

-Fixed local inactivity timer. Was going one minute more then the specified amount of inactivity time

-Added support to bring up Command History window with the middle mouse button (previously could only be brought up with Control-Shift-Up Arrow)

-Added support for right mouse button clicks in the Command History window - sends the selected item to the screen

-Fixed issue where the length of command history commands to save was not being set (defaulted to 3)

Dec 03, 2018 R12 B27

-Added support for SSL fingerprint to check against server certificate. This is for 6530 and FTP session types

Nov 12, 2018 R12 B26

-Command history file was not being loaded at startup or if Command History was turned on during a session and there was a command history file by that session name

-Changed code sent to the ActiveX control for clearing the screen

-Added new menu item (Paste Fast) under Edit to speed up pasting

-Added new menu item (Clear Clipboard) under Edit to clear the clipboard

-Added support and setup items to cause the screen to clear (if checked in setup) when switching from OSS to Guardian and from Guardian to OSS

-Added support and setup items for fore and background colors when in VT mode (only defines primary foreground and background - the rest are derived from that)

Jul 23, 2018 R12 B25

-Re-wrote most of the local list, tree, drive, and filter selector code. Now refreshes everything every time it's changed

Jul 12, 2018 R12 B24

-With FTP sessions, when the local tree control was instantiated it set the selected item to the root, even though the local list control showed a folder under the root. This has been fixed

-Fixed slow paste when command history is on

-Fixed issue where download as wasn't asking if the user wants to overwrite the new file name, if it already exists - would just not transfer the file with no user indication

-Fixed an issue in the ActiveX control where foreign languages caused the password dialog to pass the password incorrectly

-Added support for default FTP directory to go to on connect

-Changed local refresh button to also refresh the tree control and drive combo box

Apr 25, 2018 R12 B23

-Malformed escape sequence caused a crash in Act6530x.ocx. This has been fixed

Apr 24, 2018 R12 B22

-With FTP sessions, the state of the overwrite variable wasn't cleared when the session closes

Apr 12, 2018 R12 B21

-Added bindings for new Find functionality so keys and buttons can be programmed to bring it up

-Added new Edit | Find menu item for the new Find functionality

-Selection of OSS or Guardian at startup was only working every second connect in FTP sessions. This has been fixed

Apr 06, 2018 R12 B20

-Changed PCIDSS logic to copy pcidss.cfg to their proper directories (from the one in the working directory) if they aren't found.

Jan 30, 2018 R12 B19

-After changes for new wod interface, binary/text mode not set properly. This has been fixed

Jan 09, 2018 R12 B18

-Improved scrolling speed significantly. Also improved FTP speed by not updating the progress bar so often

Dec 12, 2017 R12 B17

-Large banners with SSH sessions (6530) caused a crash

Dec 06, 2017 R12 B16

-Fixed problem where rekeying a 6530 SSH session caused a disconnect. This occurred after the connection was up 1 hour

-Fixed problem where rekeying an SFTP session caused a disconnect. This occurred after the connection was up 1 hour

-Fixed issue where Show banner in Window (6530 sessions) was saved, but not returned to correct state in setup

Oct 11, 2017 R12 B15

-Added choice of personality to setting for FTP (OSS or Guardian)

-Fixed problem where Set Path to a non-existant subvol, then switch to OSS caused a blank folder list

May 03, 2017 R12 B14

-Added better drag and drop in FTP sessions. Can now drag from desktop or folder to CAIL (upload), or from CAIL to a folder or Desktop (download).

Dec 15, 2016 R12 B12

-Fixed issue where sessions was not loaded under certain circumstances when in SDI mode. Now force reload if in SDI mode

Dec 05, 2016 R12 B11

-Fixed a problem where break was not being sent when the region was set to Slovenia

-Fixed issue with previous enhancement. Under certain circumstances CAIL / Plus would not close because it thought it was still doing an FTP transfer

-Added a dialog to FTP sessions to allow the user to overwrite, resume, skip or rename transfered files, if the file already exists on the target

-Made changes so that Alt-Left-Mouse-Button selects a rectangular region and doesn't bring up the menu

Oct 14, 2016 R12 B10

-When the -nooptions command line switch was used along with a configuration filename on the command line, new sessions (which start a new instance of CAIL / Plus) would not propegate the switch allowing users to make setup changes in the new sessions. This has been fixed

Oct 04, 2016 R12 B9

-Removed SetFocus from ConnectSession so it no longer steals focus if you change sessions after hitting Connect on the toolbar

-When menu was turned off, there was a lot of flashing during switching of sessions due to the menu being turned on and off for each session switch

-Turning the menu back on after turning it off wasn't working. The menu would also re-appear on startup even though it was set to off in the workspace file

-Change Toolbar in the View menu was staying greyed out in a 6530 session after opening the View menu while in an FTP session

-The incorrect SSL client certificate was selected from the Windows Certificate Store during a connect. Changed code to check for exact matches on the Common Name, Issuer Name and serial number

Aug 03, 2016 R12 B8

-Stopped the client certificate tooltip from showing when it points to a file as opposed to a certificate in the Windows Certificate Store, or if the field is empty

Jul 28, 2016 R12 B7

-Changed to new SSL certificate selection dialog (certdlg.dll)

Jun 20, 2016 R12 B6

-Fixed a bug that caused View File on the remote tree to fail

Jun 15, 2016 R12 B5

-Changed code in FTP session type to deal with wildcards in an SSL certificates common name and added support for SAN (Subject Alternative Names) fields

-Added support for SSL client certificates retrieved from the Windows Certificate Store to FTP sessions

-Turned sorting off in the built-in FTP clients Protocol pull down. Caused it to change values after the user changed them

May 09, 2016 R12 B4

-Added support for SSL client certificates retrieved from the Windows Certificate Store to 6530 sessions

Jan 27, 2016 R12 B3

-Made some changes to the message pipe so that we get messages about bad license or sign file issues when CAIL / Plus is started

Jan 19, 2016 R12 B2

-Changed CAIL logo icons so thay have more sizes (i.e. look better when shrunk/streched) and changed session windows icon from the CAIL logo to a terminal icon

Nov 20, 2015 R12 B1

-Stopped the FTP session type from outputing keep alive replies (i.e. 200 NOOP ok) to the output window and log file