CAIL / Plus Change Log

Mar 29, 2021 R14 Build 15

-Removed old phonebook/phoning (modem) code as it is no longer used

-Made changes to better show info in the "Help | Session Security Information" dialog

-Fixed numeric pad non-numeric keys sending that key twice

-Some numeric fields in setup were accepting alpha characters - this has been fixed

-Fixed auto reconnect not working under certain circumstances

-No longer saving old pre-V12 configuration files

-Added support for proxies (SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP) to FTP session types

-Reaching EOF when sending a file via SFTP in an FTP session showed the transfer completed okay. This has been fixed

-SSL/TLS sessions now based on OpenSSL 1.1.1g with support for TLS 1.3

-Selecting text while having a white background caused the selection not to show up. This has been fixed

-Status line system area colors changed when user changed black color RGB values - system area colors will now remain black at all times

-Large logon banner text caused a crash. Increased buffer size to fix

-No longer force line mode while in a 6530 session if we detect the server is not NonStop

-Added support for pipes to the HLLAPI interface. This is due to concerns that DDE may be EOLed at some point

-HLLAPI file transfers via ftp failed. This has been fixed

-Updated PCRE to 8.44 due to false positives with the older version and some anti-virus software

-HLLAPI BASEABS not working. This has been fixed

-HLLAPI Copy Field to String did not back up to first location of field

-HLLAPI performance improvements via the pipe implementation using overlapped I/O and completion routines

-Passing EOF when sending a file via NonStop SFTP in an FTP session didn't cause an error and appeared to complete correctly. This has been fixed

-Previous item was fixed but now puts up a blank error message. This has been fixed

-The new Proxy section of FTP session type setup screen was allowing empty Host and Port fields. This has been fixed

Feb 20, 2020 R14 Build 12

-Fixed closing a session after performing some large session playbacks caused crash on 64 bit version

-Added error message box for failed DDE transactions

-Clear DDE handle variable on session close

-Allow spaces in program path when launching or communicationg with PC applications

-Updated script compiler to allow spaces in program path or program data variables

-Changed paste idle timeout from 300 msec to 50 msec

-Launching PCFILE or IXF via esc-V failed

-Allow PCFILE to be launched via esc-V with name PCFILE or PCFILE.exe (old legacy name tpcfilw.exe can also be used)

-Fixed cursor moved to the right by one character at end of HLLAPI script that used field update function

-Fixed incorrect error message reported on DdeDisconnect (return code of true indicates no error)

-Now log return code value for HLLAPI requests in HLLAPI log file

-Add DDE uninitialize code to thread detach (needed by Java / JNA)

-Enhanced check for valid mode change sequences. Was going into block mode when receiving a mal-formed sequence

-Added HLLAPI file name and version to HLLAPI logging

-Now always set the PCPROXY / PCSST settings so they can be used under SSL or SSH secured sessions

-Now allow clear text operation with PCSST when using it to correct display of tandem utility programs when there are greater than 80 columns

Dec 11, 2019 R14 Build 11

-Made changes to better support fast paste. Note this is for Conversational and Local modes only

-Fixed HLLAPI read for small size resulted in heap corruption due to writes going beyond end of allocated buffer

-Fixed HLLAPI return code for 'copy presentation space to string' returned length of string rather than error code

-If in-line command history was on record/playback of key sequences didn't work correctly. This has been fixed

-Session recordings made while in-line command history was on didn't play back correctly. This has been fixed

-Fixed fast paste operation not ending in cr left paste update text appearing on line 25

-Added paste status messages for pasting in local mode

-Fixed on-line playback of sessions with Pause set was very slow

-Playback of a script caused the screen to home at start of the script. This has been fixed

-Fixed issue where CAIL demo became unresponsive after receiving the "License will expire on xxxxxx" message box on startup. Now displays in the status bar instead

-Playing back a recorded key sequence was slow when acceleration was set to 100%, and also slower then older releases at any acceleration speed. This has been fixed

Oct 24, 2019 R14 Build 10

-The issue with the SSH DLL (mentioned in Build 08 below) has been fixed in version No changes to other CAIL code

Oct 18, 2019 R14 Build 09

-Fixed record/playback key-sequence. Was recording (and playing back) extra keystrokes

Oct 09, 2019 R14 B08

-Reverted to SSH DLL version due to failed connections with version

-Fixed problem where changing the file type to display in the Logging dialog didn't work correctly

-Crash was occuring when an FTP session was closed while 2 or more 6530 sessions were also open - this has been fixed

Sep 13, 2019 R14 B07

-Changed OHIO PutString and 'objfield.String=string' to not move the cursor, as per our interpretation of the spec

Sep 12, 2019 R14 B06

-Fixed several issues (PutString and SendString) in the OHIO interface. PutString overwrote field markers, and SendString placed the characters but didn't display them

Sep 04, 2019 R14 B05

-Fixed issue where the ActiveX control would no longer instantiate in Microsoft Office VBA

-Includes ActiveX fix for bad "Password" authentication password change (bad new password now causes a disconnect instead of falling back to Keyboard-Interactive)

-Fixed issue where recent file list wasn't updating correctly

Jul 24, 2019 R14 B04

-Removed "CAIL/Plus" from title bar to allow more room for session title when minimized

Jul 02, 2019 R14 B03

-Fixed issue where the backslash was converted to a slash when uploading a file. Releated to PutSmartPut

Jun 21, 2019 R14 B02

-Fixed crash when pasting into "Set Path" dialog in an FTP session

May 30, 2019 R14 B01

-Version change only for upgrades

May 01, 2019 R12 B29

-Added support for changing the password with Password authentication in SSH and SFTP sessions

-Added a Cancel button to all SFTP challenge dialogs

-Added "User Name @ Host Name" to the title bar of any SFTP challenge dialogs

-Fixed bug where SFTP challenges were being truncated

-Added command line switch (supresswarnings) to suprress message boxes about missing default printer or the inability to write to the config file

-If logging and the host sent long lines without CR / LF, the 6530 ActiveX control crashed. This has been fixed.

-With SFTP sessions, the known_hosts file was not being updated correctly if the server got a new key (i.e. fingerprint) that differed from the previous key, and the user asked to save the new key

-If the Command History dialog was brought up while the Find dialog was up, dismissing both left nothing with focus. Focus is now transferred to the session screen

-If a toolbar had more then 34 buttons, buttons 35 and 36 would send the button 36 definition. This has been fixed

-Representation of the toolbar in setup was missing some defined buttons (second buttons on each row). This has been fixed

-Under some circumstances the whole toolbar would redraw when one of the toolbar buttons was pressed. This has been fixed

-Started using Visual Studio 2013 (from VS2010). No special changes required

Jan 04, 2019 R12 B28

-Command History was being re-loaded every time the settings dialog was dismissed with the "OK" button. Now only loads on startup of the session

-Fixed local inactivity timer. Was going one minute more then the specified amount of inactivity time

-Added support to bring up Command History window with the middle mouse button (previously could only be brought up with Control-Shift-Up Arrow)

-Added support for right mouse button clicks in the Command History window - sends the selected item to the screen

-Fixed issue where the length of command history commands to save was not being set (defaulted to 3)

Dec 03, 2018 R12 B27

-Added support for SSL fingerprint to check against server certificate. This is for 6530 and FTP session types

Nov 12, 2018 R12 B26

-Command history file was not being loaded at startup or if Command History was turned on during a session and there was a command history file by that session name

-Changed code sent to the ActiveX control for clearing the screen

-Added new menu item (Paste Fast) under "Edit" to speed up pasting

-Added new menu item (Clear Clipboard) under "Edit" to clear the clipboard

-Added support and setup items to cause the screen to clear (if checked in setup) when switching from OSS to Guardian and from Guardian to OSS

-Added support and setup items for fore and background colors when in VT mode (only defines primary foreground and background - the rest are derived from that)

Jul 23, 2018 R12 B25

-Re-wrote most of the local list, tree, drive, and filter selector code. Now refreshes everything every time it's changed

Jul 12, 2018 R12 B24

-With FTP sessions, when the local tree control was instantiated it set the selected item to the root, even though the local list control showed a folder under the root. This has been fixed

-Fixed slow paste when command history is on

-Fixed issue where download as wasn't asking if the user wants to overwrite the new file name, if it already exists - would just not transfer the file with no user indication

-Fixed an issue in the ActiveX control where foreign languages caused the password dialog to pass the password incorrectly

-Added support for default FTP directory to go to on connect

-Changed local refresh button to also refresh the tree control and drive combo box

Apr 25, 2018 R12 B23

-Malformed escape sequence caused a crash in Act6530x.ocx. This has been fixed

Apr 24, 2018 R12 B22

-With FTP sessions, the state of the overwrite variable wasn't cleared when the session closes

Apr 12, 2018 R12 B21

-Added bindings for new "Find" functionality so keys and buttons can be programmed to bring it up

-Added new "Edit | Find" menu item for the new "Find" functionality

-Selection of OSS or Guardian at startup was only working every second connect in FTP sessions. This has been fixed

Apr 06, 2018 R12 B20

-Changed PCIDSS logic to copy pcidss.cfg to their proper directories (from the one in the working directory) if they aren't found.

Jan 30, 2018 R12 B19

-After changes for new wod interface, binary/text mode not set properly. This has been fixed

Jan 09, 2018 R12 B18

-Improved scrolling speed significantly. Also improved FTP speed by not updating the progress bar so often

Dec 12, 2017 R12 B17

-Large banners with SSH sessions (6530) caused a crash

Dec 06, 2017 R12 B16

-Fixed problem where rekeying a 6530 SSH session caused a disconnect. This occurred after the connection was up 1 hour

-Fixed problem where rekeying an SFTP session caused a disconnect. This occurred after the connection was up 1 hour

-Fixed issue where "Show banner in Window" (6530 sessions) was saved, but not returned to correct state in setup

Oct 11, 2017 R12 B15

-Added choice of personality to setting for FTP (OSS or Guardian)

-Fixed problem where "Set Path" to a non-existant subvol, then switch to OSS caused a blank folder list

May 03, 2017 R12 B14

-Added better drag and drop in FTP sessions. Can now drag from desktop or folder to CAIL (upload), or from CAIL to a folder or Desktop (download).

Dec 15, 2016 R12 B12

-Fixed issue where sessions was not loaded under certain circumstances when in SDI mode. Now force reload if in SDI mode

Dec 05, 2016 R12 B11

-Fixed a problem where break was not being sent when the region was set to Slovenia

-Fixed issue with previous enhancement. Under certain circumstances CAIL / Plus would not close because it thought it was still doing an FTP transfer

-Added a dialog to FTP sessions to allow the user to overwrite, resume, skip or rename transfered files, if the file already exists on the target

-Made changes so that Alt-Left-Mouse-Button selects a rectangular region and doesn't bring up the menu

Oct 14, 2016 R12 B10

-When the "-nooptions" command line switch was used along with a configuration filename on the command line, new sessions (which start a new instance of CAIL / Plus) would not propegate the switch allowing users to make setup changes in the new sessions. This has been fixed

Oct 04, 2016 R12 B9

-Removed "SetFocus" from ConnectSession so it no longer steals focus if you change sessions after hitting "Connect" on the toolbar

-When menu was turned off, there was a lot of flashing during switching of sessions due to the menu being turned on and off for each session switch

-Turning the menu back on after turning it off wasn't working. The menu would also re-appear on startup even though it was set to off in the workspace file

-"Change Toolbar" in the "View" menu was staying greyed out in a 6530 session after opening the "View" menu while in an FTP session

-The incorrect SSL client certificate was selected from the Windows Certificate Store during a connect. Changed code to check for exact matches on the Common Name, Issuer Name and serial number

Aug 03, 2016 R12 B8

-Stopped the client certificate tooltip from showing when it points to a file as opposed to a certificate in the Windows Certificate Store, or if the field is empty

Jul 28, 2016 R12 B7

-Changed to new SSL certificate selection dialog (certdlg.dll)

Jun 20, 2016 R12 B6

-Fixed a bug that caused "View File" on the remote tree to fail

Jun 15, 2016 R12 B5

-Changed code in FTP session type to deal with wildcards in an SSL certificates common name and added support for SAN (Subject Alternative Names) fields

-Added support for SSL client certificates retrieved from the Windows Certificate Store to FTP sessions

-Turned sorting off in the built-in FTP clients "Protocol" pull down. Caused it to change values after the user changed them

May 09, 2016 R12 B4

-Added support for SSL client certificates retrieved from the Windows Certificate Store to 6530 sessions

Jan 27, 2016 R12 B3

-Made some changes to the message pipe so that we get messages about bad license or sign file issues when CAIL / Plus is started

Jan 19, 2016 R12 B2

-Changed CAIL logo icons so thay have more sizes (i.e. look better when shrunk/streched) and changed session windows icon from the CAIL logo to a terminal icon

Nov 20, 2015 R12 B1

-Stopped the FTP session type from outputing keep alive replies (i.e. 200 NOOP ok) to the output window and log file