CAIL / Java Change Log

Mar 29, 2021 14.0b

-Fixed issue where SSH sessions didn't really disconnect from the host (when the user clicked the "Disconnect" button) until CAIL / Java was closed

Jul 23, 2019 14.0a

-Added support for AES encrypting the SSH password (if specified in setup) in the configuration file

Jun 17, 2019 14.0

-Added support for SSH secured sessions. Initially 'Password" and 'Keyboard-Interactive' authentications supported

Jan 25, 2019 3.0f

-Fixed issue with the 'Start Field Extended' escape sequence. It was creating the fields one character short of the specified length

Dec 06, 2018 3.0e

-Added support for 'End' key in conversational mode. Now takes the cursor to the last line of text in screen memory

Dec 04, 2018 3.0d

-Added support for font smoothing to improve the appearence of the display

Jan 23, 2017 3.0c

-Fixed issue where the 'Terminal' dialog would not appear