CAIL / Java Change Log

Aug 10, 2023 15.3

-Fixed SSL connectivity with certian Java versions. Now works with all versions

-Migrated away from outdated Applets toward Frames

-Migrated Java AWT components to Java Swing components (labels, buttons, text fields, panels, frames, scrollbar, etc.)

-Program now automatically appends ".ini", if ommited when saving a session

-Fixed cut off text and font sizing issues in various dialogs

-Increased size of status bar

-Added a help.html webpage that is opened when the "help" menu button is pressed

-Some Terminal setting changes didn't refresh the screen. Now force a screen repaint when exiting Terminal settings

-Improved underline cursor so that its colour changes depending on the background

-Removed/replaced deprecated methods

-Added more fonts, made the font list scrollable

-Disabled password field on non-SSH connections

-Removed redundent settings from the configuration file

May 22, 2023 15.2

-On MacOS devices, when scrolling by dragging the scroll box in the scrollbar the session would sometimes lock up. This has been fixed

May 16, 2023 15.1

-Updated SSH to Release 8.8 level. Adds the GCM (The GCM algorithm provides both data authenticity (integrity) and confidentiality and belongs to the class of Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD) methods) block cipher. The SHA1 signature algorithm has been removed as it is now considered weak

Sept 30, 2022 15.0

-All dialogs now appear over the session window, even when on a second monitor

-Switched to Swing for all SSH connection dialogs

-Improved SSH Trusted Host dialogs to more clearly state their intention

-Removed FTP support as it isn't used and has no encryption support

Jul 26, 2022 14.0e

-All SSH connection dialogs now default to the OK button being pressed when the Enter key is pressed. No longer need to reach for the mouse or tab to the OK button

-SSH Password authentication wasn't working if the password was not entered in setup. It now works correctly when the user is prompted for the password after hitting Connect

-Clicking Cancel on any of the SSH connection dialogs now does stop the connection attempt

Dec 21, 2021 14.0d

-With certain block mode screens fields were not appearing correctly. This has been fixed

Nov 21, 2021 14.0c

-SSH Banner will now be displayed correctly. In previous releases, if a banner was sent by the host the session would lock up

Mar 29, 2021 14.0b

-Fixed issue where SSH sessions didn't really disconnect from the host (when the user clicked the Disconnect button) until CAIL / Java was closed

Jul 23, 2019 14.0a

-Added support for AES encrypting the SSH password (if specified in setup) in the configuration file

Jun 17, 2019 14.0

-Added support for SSH secured sessions. Initially Password and Keyboard-Interactive authentications supported

Jan 25, 2019 3.0f

-Fixed issue with the Start Field Extended escape sequence. It was creating the fields one character short of the specified length

Dec 06, 2018 3.0e

-Added support for End key in conversational mode. Now takes the cursor to the last line of text in screen memory

Dec 04, 2018 3.0d

-Added support for font smoothing to improve the appearence of the display

Jan 23, 2017 3.0c

-Fixed issue where the Terminal dialog would not appear