CAIL / Android Change Log

Sept 05, 2023 15.1

-Update to latest version guidelines (target SDK now 33)

-Stopped occasional crashes on Connect

-Dialog prompts can be confirmed by pressing "Enter"

-Added line mode option for better Linux connections

-Changed text styling on New Session page

-Fixed bug in font settings

Dec 20, 2022 15.0

-Update to release 15

-Update to latest version guidelines (target SDK now 32)

Dec 21, 2021 14.2.2

-With certain block mode screens fields were not appearing correctly. This has been fixed

Dec 07, 2021 14.2.1

-While in the New Session activity only global Preferences can now be modified. All other settings are disabled. You must be in a session to change session preferences

-Changed theme to the dark theme

-Removed Bold and Italic from Preferences as most fonts don't support them

-Added Exiting warning if the back button is pressed while in the Session or New Session activity

-Updated to adaptive icons

-Removed Debugging from preferences as it was not being used

-Logging and Tracing are now session related. Logs will write to session name.log and traces to session name.trc

-Significantly improved logging speed. Note logging or tracing will still slow down scrolling

-On first run you will be prompted to specify a folder to save log and/or trace files

-Improved tracing and logging output

Nov 21, 2021 14.2.0

-SSH Banner will now be displayed correctly

-Tapping the "Cancel" button on an SSH challenge dialog no longer crashes

-Removed "Lines" and "Columns" from Preferences as only 24x80 is supported

-The splash screen will now display while the App is loading only

-Removed Bell settings from preferences. It will still ring if the host sends a bell

-Improved the display of SSH challenge messages. Previous versions truncated them

-Significantly improved scrolling speed with SSH sessions

Nov 22, 2019 14.0.1

-Changed minimum Android version supported to 5.0 (Lollipop)

-Changed version number to 14 to match other CAIL 6530 software

-All sessions were sharing the same properties. We have changed this so that session related properties (colors, pages of memory, font etc.) are now saved to each configuration file. From now on anything under the Terminal section of Preferences will be unique to that session. All other settings (Startup Options, Display Settings, Toolbar Settings) are global.

-Fixed blank screen (Title bar is there, but 6530 screen area is blank) when sending the app to the background, then going back to it

-App no longer crashes when sent to the background, then return to it

-Added settings and code for Orientation (Choices are Portrait, Landscape, OS Setting)

-Added setting and code for Force Upper Case. This causes the emulator to convert all alpha characters to upper case before sending to the host

-SSH authentication had been updated to support Strict Host Checking

-Session files can now be deleted by long tapping on the file name after bring up the Open dialog in the New Session screen

-The service name was being sent out twice. This has been fixed

-Added more choices for the toolbar. Can now have small or large buttons. Small buttons can have 2 or 4 rows, while large buttons have 1 or 2 rows (both use up the same amount of space on the screen). Both will scroll if some rows are not visible

-Made changes to better handle different screen sizes with regard to the toolbar

-Moved menu button from bottom bar to top title bar due to some devices not showing the menu if they have physical buttons

-Added support to hide/show the title bar with a swipe

-Added a Help item to the menu. Brings up browser to the CAIL / Android help page

-Fixed issue where the session stopped accepting keyboard input after coming back from sleep

-The start field extended escape sequence was cutting fields by one character. This has been fixed

-Disconnecting or connecting an external keyboard caused CAIL to crash. This has been fixed

-Added support for optionally resizing the font when the keyboard, toolbar or title bar are shown/hidden

Mar 22, 2017 1.1.0

-Added support for SSH secured connections

-Button bar now displayed/removed with a long tap instead of a dedicated button

-Added additional buttons on button bar - Tab, Backtab, Arrow Keys, Pg Up. Pg Dn, Insert, Ins Mode, Ins Line, Del, Del Line, Home, End, Break

-Button bar still shows 2 lines (F1 - F16 and SF1 - SF16), but can now scroll to show 2 new lines

-Fixed issue where cursor was not always visible on line 1, column 1